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The Danish Society of Structural Science and Engineering or DSSSE, is an international journal of research and development primarily within the field of Civil Engineering. DSSSE was started in 1928 by the late professor A. Ostenfeld. The society’s main purpose is:

The purpose of the society is to work for the scientific development of structural mechanics – both theory and construction of all kinds of load-bearing structures – promote interest in the subject, work for a collegial relationship between its practitioners and assert its importance to and in collaboration with other branches of engineering. The purpose is sought realized through meetings with lectures and discussions as well as through the publication of the Proceedings of the Danish Society for Structural Science and Engineering.

The Proceedings of the DSSSE is a journal in structural mechanics in general. The Proceedings of the Danish Society welcome papers on problems related to structural mechanics in civil as well as mechanical engineering with special focus on how theoretical aspects are implemented in practice.

Coverage includes Structural engineering; Structural health monitoring; Structural dynamics; Projects & case studies; Loads on structures; Measurements of loads and more.

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